Style Book

Moodboard I {Rabbit All Star Nursery}

A gorgeous little scheme using our infamous Rabbit All Star, the most adorable nursery design.

Curtains look great in Rabbit All Star Pink, with Eva Stripe as blinds. Wallpapers that look great with this are Tiny Stars, Stars in Space or Twinkle Twinkle in the Pale Pink Icing Colourway.
Trim: Powder Pink and Ivory Pom Poms go beautifully with these fabrics.

Cushion Mix: Rabbit All Star, Polka Pale Pink Icing, Old Pink Stonewashed Linen, Mini Hares Pale Pink Icing, Perfect Pink Paisley.

Don’t forget we have a lovely team of very skilled makers, who can complete your nursery schemes with bespoke Memoboards, Bunting, Toy Baskets and various other accessories.

This scheme can also be done for boys, try Rabbit All Star Strong Blue Stars with All Stars Large Oxford Blue Rabbit All Star Strong Blue Stars Wallpaper Skinny Pinstripe Swedish Blue

Moodboard II {Jack All Star for A Girls Nursery}


Moodboard I {Girls Nursery}

Jack All Star Pale Pink Icing Wallpaper

Curtains: All Stars Large Pale Pink Icing on White Linen Union or Eva Stripe in Pale Pink Icing on White Linen Union

Trim: Pink & Ivory Pom Poms

Cushions: Try a mix of Danish Stripe Pink, or Stripes & Stars Mulberry Pink and Grey, Jack All Star Pale Pink Icing, Eva Stripe, Perfect Pink Mini Paisley

Moodboard III {Bears for Girls Nursery}

A pretty Nordic style nursery for little girls …..

Bears Wallpaper with Pink Stars

Curtains in Large Stars Pale Pink Icing

Blinds in Eva Stripe Pale Pink Icing

Cushions mix: Old Pink Stonewashed Linen, Rabbit All Star, Stars Pale Pink Icing Background Large, Lydia Powder Pinks on White Linen.

Moodboard IV {Bears for Boys Nursery}

Love this little scheme for boys.

Bears Wallpaper with Pale Nursery Blue, curtains with these I would use our Stars and Stripes horizontal fabric in Sky and Navy.

Bears Wallpaper Oxford Blue, this one goes very nicely with curtain in Large Stars Oxford Blue on White. We have a skinny pinstripe too in Swedish Blue on white that would work well, we can also print a pale grey or oxford blue Eva Stripe if you wish.

We also love for older guys, our Large Stars in Navy on Stone, Mias Ticking in Ink Blue, if a coastal property our Seahorses in Ink Blue.

Moodboard V {Sitting Rooms}

We love this little moodboard filled with cosy inspiration …

Why not try any of these are curtains:
Mia Rouge & Dove, Giardino Rose & Thyme, Sienna Mulberry Pink, Sienna Donkey or Capri Stripe in French Blossom.

Paired with all of these as cushions and sisal flooring and walls painted in Skimming Stone or Stony Ground by Farrow & Ball.

Moodboard VI {Kitchen/Living Areas}

I have used this little scheme for kitchens, living rooms and cloakrooms.

Mr Hare on Stone as curtains looks fabulous lined in either Stone Grey Check, Dove Check or Vhari Petit in Green. Our Eucalyptus Sprigs design in both fabric and wallpaper adds a restful classical co-ordinate.

Trims: Try our Donkey Pom Poms this goes beautifully with our Stone Linen basecloth.

Cushion Mix: Mr Hare, Natural Check, Feather and Egg, Vhari Petit Green, Pigeon and Speckled Egg Linen

Moodboard VII {Living Areas & Bedrooms}

This scheme is suitable for any room in the home, a lovely mix of pinks with weathered greens.

Try curtains in Sienna Weathered Green, co-ordinating with our Basil Capri Stripe and Xanthe in Peony and Sage.

You can use our Chevron Plain Linen in Weathered Green or Mias Rouge as Piping to cushions.

Moodboard VIII {Living Areas & Bedrooms}

Beautiful vintage florals dressed with stripes and dots, ideals for bedrooms and sitting rooms.

Featured here is Mathilde in Tuscany Pale Grey Background, gorgeous with our Capri Stripes in French Blossom and Basil. Lovely with our Vintage Spot Pale Pink Icing and Slate Grey Stonewashed Linen.

Also if you are a little shy of patterns, we have done a Basil Stripe curtain lined in Xanthe before which looked fabulous.

Moodboard VIIII {Bedrooms}

This is a dreamy bedroom scheme with beautiful pinks.

Bee Pinstripe in Antique Dusty Pink as curtains, with Giardino Powder Pink as wallpaper.

Trim: Powder Pink Pom Poms.

Cushion Mix: Bee Pinstripe, Millie Powder Pinks or Lydia Powder Pinks.

Moodboard X{Study/Kitchen}

For a lovely fresh charcoal and white scheme with splashes of fresh garden greens this is a lovely scheme. Great for a bathroom or study or modern living with accents of charcoal and grey.

Blinds or curtains: Bee Pinstripe Swedish Grey and Charcoal or Dotted Sprigs Belgian Grey On White. Softened with our Hygge White Floppy Linen.

Moodboard XI {Bathrooms/Living Areas}

For those who love gorgeous weathered blues….

Possibly my favourite print is Sienna in Weathered Blue, this as stunning curtains with our ivory pom poms is a timeless classic.

Cushion mix: Plain Chevron in Weathered Blue and Capri Stripe in Weathered Blue.

Mia in Porcelain Blues, is a stunning linen dressed with Mia’s ticking in Porcelain Blue and piped in our Plain Chevron Porcelain Blue or Dark Grey to add contrast. Try Skimming Stone on the walls by Farrow & Ball.

Moodboard XII {Living Areas & Bedrooms}

Our lovely original Seahorses make a striking curtain in any of the listed colourways. You could use the pink in bedrooms and the blues in bathrooms or living spaces.

The Mulberry Pink Seahorse looks beautiful lined with our Skinny Reversed Mulberry Pink Stripe. Perhaps for a girls room try it with our Stars & Stripes in Mulberry Pink & Grey and if you want to add in a floral, Sienna in Dark Grey would be very smart. Piping details, try our Plain Chevron in Dark Grey.

The other end of the Spectrum is our bold Seahorses in Squid Ink Blue, dress this with our Mia’s Ticking in Squid Ink Blue or even Large Lakshmi in Squid Ink Blue.

Moodboard XIV {Strong Blues for Bathrooms/Bedrooms / Living Areas)

Gorgeous Mia in Porcelain Blues, a classic floral on our Stone Linen, this is lovely with our Plain Chevron in Porcelain Blue and our French Ticking in Porcelain Blue, for any room in the home. I would have the French Ticking as curtains and a window seat pad in the Chevron Plain with cushions in Mia Porcelain Blues, perhaps one in the stripe and one in the floral.

Moodboard XV {Mia Reds & Pinks for Sitting Rooms and Bedrooms}

Lovely Mia in Rouge and Dove, we have a wonderful Plain Chevron in Rouge that sits with Mia and a Gorgeous Ticking in Mia’s Red, intermixed with our Natural Check and Donkey Sienna this makes another lovely cosy sitting room scheme.

Try walls in Farrow and Ball Skimming Stone or Stony Ground with sisal flooring, or one of our Sisal Rugs.

Moodboard XVI {Spare Rooms/ Nurseries}

We often get asked to design nurseries or 2nd bedrooms for little ones at “Granny’s” house!, where they want the scheme to be lovely for their little one but perhaps not fully kitted out in nursery fabrics for longevity. This is a lovely combination Sienna in Weathered Blue or Amalfi with our Plain Chevron in Dark Grey as a window seat. Wallpaper in Bears but that can be easily painted over in a couple of years time.