Jack & Jill Collection – Ideas For Little Girls

We are currently releasing one design at a time for our Jack & Jill collection, a beautiful mix of playful fabrics designed for cool kids who hopefully will never tire of them.  They can of course be for any room in the house and today Truffle Stag All Star went off to a Swiss Chalet. We thought we would start with Stag All Star as we approach Christmas, but we have done it in a number colourways that are so pretty, and are appropriate for all year round.  I adore looking at pinterest for inspiration and where we would like our fabrics to sit, so have used some images below mixed with our fabrics (Some images are from pinterest). We will have a Stag All Star Wallpaper to match shortly. We also discovered this week, some beautiful handmade rabbits and a mouse which would be the perfect accessory for any little girl’s bedroom, handmade for Rooms With A View, in Diss Norfolk and they happen to be made out of our Georgian Roses and dots. Come and follow us on Facebook for more news..


pin 001




Stag All 3