Georgian Roses ~ Photoshoot

This is my latest design Georgian Roses, hand painted watercolour roses, I selected three slightly different colourwaves in pinks. If you are as fussy as I am on your pinks you may struggle to decide, we have Chalky Pink as featured here the palest pink, very summery and works beautifully with our sage green dots.  We make our owns curtains and ship them worldwide, this header is rather lovely and we have called it our cottage drop header.  I hope you like them, due to be featured in a couple of magasines shortly… Images & Styling by Piers Philo & Amanda Knox, for suitably distressed furniture, visit Amanda’s site
Showing you a little more of the detail of Chalky Pink Georgian Roses, I thought Clunch on the walls with Bone woodwork to add a bit of a summery freshness to a room would be a lovely scheme. Both colours by Farrow and Ball. I would love to know your suggestions.  We would love to post clients schemes using our fabrics so do email me if you wish to post anything you have made in our fabrics.

Just a little bit early for my favourite flowers, Amanda tried the hairdryer on the reluctant buds.I do love Peonies for the short while they are beautiful there is not a prettier pink.

Now thsi is Georgian roses dusty pink, a little  more mauve, very nice with dusty pink dots
Shot by the talented Christina Wilson, she kindly took them down to Whistable Beach in Kent.  She also has a lovely pad in Spain where I grew up Nr. Tarifa, I think I will have to design a suitable poolside fabric to justify going there for a shoot. She lets this home out … if interested just email me and I will forward your details to her.


This is our Faded Roses in Rose on a 19th Century French Sofa. It is currently for sale at £1,250.00 at Decorative Country Living if you are interested.  If you want curtains to match our Rose dots and Rose Wreath and Sweetpea and Roses in Rose are lovely fabrics that go with this desig as does Swedish Gray Deckchair Stripe or Swedish Gray Bee Pinstripe.

Pink Wreath and Rose Dots in the background.  A client has just had a bedroom armchair in rose dots, its seriously snazzy!

Enjoy, hope you are all having a lovely Tuesday xxxxx