Corset Laced Mannequin Featured in Holly Keeling’s Exquisite Shop

Holly Keeling, Award Winning Interior Designer, in Devon, has just finished her stunning Barn filled with beautiful fabrics, gifts and vintage items.  She very kindly had our “Daisy Rose mannequin” in for display and I think it looks stunning with all the colours and textures and beautifully photographed by Colin Cadle. Thank you to all.  Peony and Sage likes to support all hand made cottage industries and support the makers of each handmade item.  If you visit our accessories page after Christmas, you will see a number of beautiful handmade items and who they are made by. Watch this space ETSY – and its free for our makers!  If you  are a gifted person who loves making things and would like to use our fabrics, please do not hesitate to get in touch.  As long as the cost of the fabric is covered, I am happy to promote your crafts. This week, our lavender bundles have gone into ALRESFORD LINEN COMPANY, a beautiful store in Hampshire, with exclusivity for them. These were made by the very talented Jan Hadley, who runs her own gifts company and attends a number of wonderful fairs in Gloucestershire.

Photography by Colin Cadle Dec 2011.