After spending a few weeks in France this month, I really wanted to bring back a classic and vibrant design home with me to add to the collection.  So from trawling the village streets and absorbing the wonderful colours on the shutters I decided a stripe was the answer.  As I have never seen in the furnishing fabric world a horizontal Breton Stripe, I thought it would be wonderfully original and an exciting addition. 

Colours Available: Top Grande Aqua, Petite Aqua, Powder Puff Blue, Rose, Chocolat, Cornflower Blue
Image by Phil Taylor Photography
Cornflower Blue, Faded Rouge, Aqua Grande, Chocolat, Rose, Powder Puff Blue

Image by Phil Taylor Photography
Rose, Chocolat, Aqua Grande, Faded Rouge

Colour inspiration was taken from shutters in South of France

Photography by Emma Lewis
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