Handmade Empire Lampshades

Handmade Empire Lampshades

Available in a variety of fabrics and sizes, handmade to order, from the images here and all of our Plain Linens)  If you want something different, this is possible but min order does apply so that we can print 1m, this would usually mean 2 x medium sized empires.

Please email Suzy Mugridge of Ted & Lily (tedandlily@yahoo.co.uk) to discuss your requirements and place an order. All can be made to order but we prefer they are ordered direct through Ted & Lily.

She also offers a stunning range of hand painted lampbases, a few of which we feature here on our website under ‘Lighting & Candles’. Suzy can give you advice about which lampbase suits which size of shade and fabric.

Please ignore listing to buy here as they are marked out of stock to ensure they are ordered direct by emailing Ted & Lily.


D:20cm x H:15cm £36.00 D:25cm x H:17cm £42.00 D:30cm x H:19cm £48.00 D:35cm x H:22cm £55.00 D:40cm x H:24cm £62.00 D:45cm x H:25.5cm £68.00 D:50cm x H:30cm £78.00

Candle Clip Shades (white lining) D:15cm x H:13cm £30.00 D:15cm x H:11cm £30.00

Only professional, premium grade materials are used in the making of our lampshades. These are UV stable, flame retardant, which have been tested and passed the Glow Wire Test carried out by the Lighting Association.

Unfortunately we can only ship to the UK in case of damage.

N.B. Please note we only stock the styles provided and fabrics for that which we can sell as individual items. If you want something bespoke or made in any of our other linens because we need to print 1m, the min order would be 2 x lampshades in the same fabric.  We also cannot offer our bespoke printing service on quantities less than 5m. Many thanks. Ted & Lily does her best to keep up with the orders but if her order book is closed at the time of order do email us and we can possibly offer alternative makers. Thank you.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.