Gozo {Assorted Colourways} Pinks, Autumn and Red


Another gorgeous block print.

Fabric width: 137-140cm
Pattern repeat: Height – 5.2cm x Width 5.35cm

Suitability: Light upholstery & soft furnishings, curtains and blinds, 20k rub test
Care: Dry clean only

Printed to order in England. Please allow 10-14 working days

Base cloth: Assorted Basecloths.

10. Gozo Mulberry Pink on Cream

11. Gozo Chalk Pink On Stone Linen

12. Gozo Grape Blotch on Cream

13. Gozo Autumn Blotch on Cream

14. Gozo Henna Blotch on Cream

15. Gozo Mia’s Red on Cream

Please note due to COVD the main UK Mill closed down, this has affected our supply of Chunky Linen so anything printed on chunky is temporarily being printed on cream until we have new supply in September.

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